I am Zatoshi

Zatoshi is the creator and artist behind many tokens utilizing Bitcoin SV. This website is a fansite of a sort for the real person who created many successful tokens with Bitcoin SV, and who got close to reaching 100k fans to his Twitter page, and who was mentioned multiple times by CoinGeek, and even shook hands with the billionaire Calvin Ayre.

Who is Zatoshi? "Alex Hope the London Scammer", says AOC

IamZatoshi.com, the website you are now viewing, will remain online for us investors, who have trusted in Zatoshi enough to put money on his tokens.

Zatoshi, or just Ƶ, is a Bitcoin SV sensation; Zatoshi is one of the most popular token creators on RelayX, but besides the tokens, Zatoshi is quite a character.

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You can be more than just a reader, as each page on IamZatoshi.com has a comment section at the bottom of the page, so the many past and present investors who have bought his tokens, can share their uncensored experiences of Zatoshi and his investment schemes. By commenting on any page you become an unofficial member of an unofficial fanclub, the Zatoshi Fan Club, which later might be renamed to the Class Action Lawsuit, or Group Litigation Order should the club arrange a lawfest in the UK.

Significant tokens Zatoshi created on RelayX exchange

  1. EYE
  2. OVO
  3. POP
  4. PRV
  5. STW
  6. ZAT
  7. ZTO
  8. ZZZ

These tokens listed above are virtual tokens created using a protocol built on top of Bitcoin SV (BSV). The protocol is called RUN. Such tokens are currently traded — bought and sold — mostly in an exchange called RelayX. To summarize the connection between RelayX and Zatoshi:

  1. Creating a RelayX account is free.
  2. Anyone with a RelayX account can create any tokens on RelayX.
  3. Those tokens then can be put for sale by the token creator.
  4. Tokens can represent whatever the creator wants.
    • Such as movie tickets, investments, discounted tacos, etc.
  5. Zatoshi has created multiple tokens on RelayX.
  6. Zatoshi’s tokens, such as ZAT and ZTO, have been bought by hundreds of investors.
  7. Recently Zatoshi has been unable/unwilling to fulfill his part of the contract for some of his tokens.
    • ZAT token owners should be paid interest, but Zatoshi has not done so in the last months.
    • ZTO token owners were promised interest from Zatto.io website, which was supposed to be launched about a year ago.
    • STW token owners should have received money back from STW tokens they bought. That has not happened yet.
  8. It is possible that Zatoshi attempts to disappear with the money he collected from token sales and private investor deals he has made.
    • This worrying idea is supported by the fact that Zatoshi has scrubbed token information from his website at www.zatoshi.xyz, and reduced the number and increased the interval of tweets on his Twitter page after his past business practices were revealed on Twitter by an investor who claims to have lost a lot of money to Zatoshi.
    • January 2023: Zatoshi has a Twitter profile with 93k followers. This is perhaps one reason he hasn’t yet gone totally off the radar.
    • February: 2023: Zatoshi has turned his Twitter profile private. His Twitter profile has now about 20 followers.

Sources for the information published here

A special thanks to ArtOnBitcoin (previously known as ArtOnChain) at Twitter for the information below

Art On Chain @ Twitter: "HOLY FUCK!!! Guys this is huge!!! @iamZatoshi aka Alex Hope is a convicted fraudster! #BSV #BitcoinSV #Bitcoin @RealCoinGeek"

One might ask why did Art On Bitcoin post tweets such as the above? The answer is money:

Hey! Regarding the Zatoshi reveal: can you please share with me what's your source of information? I have a stack of Zatoshi's tokens and need to decide how to proceed...

Alex Hope and Raj Von Badlo sentenced following FCA prosecution, by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 30th January 2015

Does this sound familiar: Alex Hope presented himself as a trader with a flair for trading on the foreign exchange markets when in reality he spent a good deal of his investors’ money on himself. (Source)

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