I am Zatoshi

Zatoshi is the creator and artist behind many tokens utilizing Bitcoin SV. This website is a fansite of a sort for the real person who created many successful tokens with Bitcoin SV, and who got close to reaching 100k fans to his Twitter page, and who was mentioned multiple times by CoinGeek, and even shook hands with the billionaire Calvin Ayre.

Zatoshi: Tokens created by Zatoshi


Introduction: The token that pays! But the wheel decides how much… Learn more at www.zatoshi.xyz/stw Formerly the $ZZZ token

Token SymbolSpin The Wheel
Total Supply5555
Token contract4cc0239b8bfcca87d712cc8d2e71c68553534c235601c5ac5ce774bf0e246f4e_o2

*) At the time of creating this page.

Raw JSON data for the RelayX contract

{"code":0,"data":{"token":{"location":"cc583c5d1c56fc7cd051cee2960564ad4c215336d68405e4d558452c70f092dd_o1","origin":"4cc0239b8bfcca87d712cc8d2e71c68553534c235601c5ac5ce774bf0e246f4e_o2","name":"Spin The Wheel","nonce":2,"symbol":"Spin The Wheel","owner":"12ibmvRXiBrEUuasxJ2zb77fo4pwdaqZep","issued":5555,"burned":0,"whitepaper":"","description":"The token that pays! But the wheel decides how much... Learn more at www.zatoshi.xyz/stw\n\nFormerly the $ZZZ token ","nft":false,"royalties":[],"icon":{"berry":"4cc0239b8bfcca87d712cc8d2e71c68553534c235601c5ac5ce774bf0e246f4e_o1"},"isEncrypted":false,"against":"BSV","price":0,"vol":0,"status":"open","message":"","owners":52,"creator":"iamzatoshi@relayx.io"}}}

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